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PraeEducation StudentPraeEducation has adopted the principle of providing high quality and reliable education to the best universities in the world by undertaking educational counseling for students who want to study abroad. In this context, Prae Tourism is a travel agency that aims to provide quality and appropriate educational opportunities for students.

Prae Tourism is a PraeLegal Turkey affiliate.

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PraeEducation aims to produce effective solutions for students future plans with the dynamic, innovative thinking structure in the individual field and institutional field expert and educated staff who produce original solutions for reaching the goals and students individual needs.

You can get information about our Language Education and Academic Programs under our “Free Study Abroad Consultancy” program, and you can choose the most suitable program for you with the help of our expert academic staff. You can be one of the happy students who study abroad with PraeEducation difference.
We look forward you to come our consulting offices so that you can make the most of your education abroad opportunities.